Reasons To Rethink Your Approach To Commercial Lighting Systems

1 January 2019
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Efficient lighting serves as a pillar of commercial safety, health, and production. Without proper lighting in place, employees tend to suffer from issues related to job dissatisfaction, the inability to concentrate, eye strain, and headaches. Improper lighting can also increase the risk of workplace accidents, which can cause employees to take time off work, thus lowering production rates. Fortunately, there are ways improve your approach to commercial lighting. Brighten Up Spaces for Improved Learning and Productivity Read More 

3 Great Ways To Utilize Decorative Rocks Around Your Property’s Landscaping

23 November 2018
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The landscaping around your property is an important visual component, as its what people see when they pass by. If you're looking to enhance this aspect of your home, consider setting up decorate rocks. They can be used in so many creative ways.  1. Substitute for Mulch  If you have plants and flowers around the perimeter of your property, then you'll need a way to enhance their aesthetics. Instead of using mulch to do so, you can take a more premium approach and use decorative rocks. Read More 

What You Need To Know Before You Decide To Repair A Really Old Transformer

6 October 2018
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PCBs are "polychlorinated biphenyls." They are a waste byproduct of industrial and heavy construction equipment. So, you might be wondering how they could possibly be connected to electrical transformers. The answer may surprise you, as will the method in which PCBs under these circumstances are handled. It is also worth noting that while most older transformers are just easier and less costly to repair rather than replace, any transformers that have high amounts of PCBs in them cannot be repaired as the EPA has recalled them. Read More 

Pick The Right Well Pump

31 August 2018
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Wells provide access to safe drinking water for many residential properties across the nation. Since the water table in most wells is some distance below ground level, having a reliable way to move water from the well into the home is critical. Well pumps help fill this role. The right well pump will help to streamline your water delivery system and improve the performance of your private well over time. Read More 

4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Electrical Outlets

17 July 2018
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Your electrical outlets are the part of your home's electrical system that you have the most experience with since they power basically every appliance, light, and electrical gadget that you own. However, electrical outlets are just like every other system in your house, and age and wear (or a combination of the two) can cause their performance to suffer, or even make them a safety hazard. Understanding some of the warning signs associated with electrical outlets that are no longer up to bar can help you determine when you should talk to an electrician about replacing your outlets with new ones. Read More