Love Your Lawn And Your Dogs? Learn How To Build A Dog Run

9 January 2015
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Taking care of your lawn to offer your family and friends a great way to enjoy the outdoors is likely important to you. If you add a dog to the family, you might experience some problems if they like to run. A dog run can solve the problem of your canine family member getting underfoot. This guide explains how to build a dog run with ease.

Step 1: Pick the Location

Walk around your lawn to choose the best location for the run. It should be away from the general congregating area, but not so far that the dog feels like he is being kept away from the rest of the family.

The area should be free of plants that are poisonous to dogs, and there should be some shade so that your sprinter dog can relax. Ask your lawn care professional if you have questions about whether certain plants are poisonous. The area should be in a location that you can see from the window.

Step 2: Measure the Area

Measure the area with a tape measure and then place bricks on the spots where the posts will go.

Step 3: Gather Your Materials

Go to the home improvement store and pick up the following:

  • shovel
  • chain-link fence kit (big enough for your measurements)
  • decorative rocks or boulders
  • concrete mix
  • wheelbarrow

Step 4: Mix the Cement

Follow the directions on the cement bags and mix it up in the wheelbarrow. Be sure to use the proper water to cement ratio so that when it sets, it is strong enough to prevent the dog from knocking down the fence. Roll the wheelbarrow to the dog run area.

Step 5: Insert the Posts

Dig holes in the ground where the bricks are, making sure that they are deep enough to insert the posts for the chain-link fence. Insert the posts, replace the dirt around them and then use the shovel to place some of the wet cement mix around the posts to make them sturdier.

Step 6: Attach the Fence

Follow the directions on the fence kit to attach the chain link to the posts, and then attach the gate according to the directions as well.

Step 7: Prevent Digging

Place the decorating rock or stone around the inside perimeter of the run. Set them right up against the fence to prevent your dog from digging.

Keep an eye your dog when first introducing the run. If they seem as if they are going to jump out, put a cover on top. Chicken wire will work well and it attaches to the fence easily with wire. Share this with others who want a great lawn for family and friends and a place for their dog to run without interfering with the lawn work or activities.

For more information about lawn care, contact Outdoor Service Inc. or a similar company.