What To Do If Your Washing Machine Won't Drain

15 January 2015
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Among the different issues with a washing machine, having one that refuses to drain is one of the more frustrating ones. It makes it to where you cannot do laundry because every time you do, the water sits in the washer without going out. Here are some tips for troubleshooting and fixing this problem.

Is there water still in the washing machine?

If the main problem you are experiencing is water not draining out of the washing machine after a wash cycle, there are a few different causes for this draining cycle. Typically, this is a problem with the washing machine itself, and not your plumbing. It is probably due to either the pump or the drain tube.

Pump – When the pump on your washing machine fails, the first thing you will notice is that water does not drain from the washing machine tub. Usually, after a cycle has ended, the water is ejected from the tub with help from the pump. If you think it might be a problem with the pump, call an appliance repair professional to have it repaired.

Drain tube – The other possible problem with the draining issue is a problem with the drain tube. The drain tube is what the pump sends water through at the end of a washing cycle. If this tube gets clogged, the water has no way to get out, so it remains in your washing machine. To check the tube, remove it and blow air into it. If you don't notice an obstruction, it is probably not the tube but the pump.

Does water leak out of the washer?

The other drainage problem you may experience with your washing machine is that the water leaves the machine, but it doesn't go through the drain properly. Instead, it is leaking out of the machine, causing a big puddle in your garage or laundry room. This is usually the result of a drain that is clogged because the water gets backed up into the pipe.

With this problem, it goes beyond the drain tube and is actually a clog of the main washing machine drain. To find the clog, you will need to locate the hose that connects the washing machine to the main drain. You can find the clog in the trap where the water goes, or farther down the drain line. You may need a professional plumber to find and clean this type of clog for you.

If your washing machine is still having issues and you can't figure out why the water will not drain, contact a plumbing supply professional.