Why You Should Upgrade A Rental Home With Metal Roofing

20 January 2015
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Whether you're updating an old roof or installing on a new rental structure, selecting the right material is important. But with all of the options on the market, and differences in price, you should know why it's better to choose metal roofing for your next rental installation.

Optimal Performance

  • Longevity: There are only two other materials that outlive metal, and both (Spanish and slate tiles) cost thousands more to install and aren't suitable for all buildings. A tile roof can last 100 years or more, whereas metal only 50. But tile is a heavy material that can't be installed onto some types of framework without improvements to the structure.
  • Strength: Even though it's light enough to be used on mobile tiny homes, metal is no lightweight when it comes to surviving the elements. Whether you're roofing a rental that lays in a hurricane zone or one that sits in the mountains, a metal roof can tolerate any number of weather conditions without buckling under pressure.
  • Leak Protection: Due to the standing seams that overlap, metal roofs are excellent at repelling water and condensation. Since panels are installed, instead of shingles, there's a larger surface area that's continuous, giving you less chance having to make an emergency call to a roofer to fix a leak.
  • Versatility: Because it's lightweight and strong, metal roofing is suitable for any installation, big or small.

The Greener Option

  • Sustainable Resources: Metal roofs are made from a variety of metals, like Aluminum, Copper, and Steel, all of which will never set foot in a landfill. As there is a growing demand for building materials that are sustainable, metal is growing to be a popular choice for those that want to contribute to green living.
  • Energy Efficiency: Not only is metal sustainable, but it's a greener option when it comes to energy efficiency. Metal roofs are reflective, and ones that are painted white are particularly energy efficient. So installing a new metal roof can save you up to 20% over time.

Personalized Style

Metal roofs also offer personalization options that excel over traditional shingles and shake. In addition to the beauty that raw metals give your rental home, you can choose a large variety of coated color options as well. So just by putting a new roof on your rental home from a company like Suncastle Roofing Inc, you can make the exterior pop with eye-catching color.

Roofing a rental home is an investment that requires careful consideration. So if you want a low-maintenance, beautiful result that lasts, you need to upgrade your roof to metal.