Winter Roofing Tips: How To Prevent Ice Damage

27 January 2015
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When the winter comes, your roof is at risk of getting damaged from ice. Usually this is from ice dams, which form at the edge of your roof from melting water then re-freezes. If it is the winter and you live somewhere that gets snow and ice, these preventative tips can help you avoid damage to your roof and avoid the costly repairs that might come with it:

Remove Snow and Ice Promptly

After every hail or snow storm, get up on your roof and remove the ice that was leftover. The longer the ice remains on your roof, the more damage it could potentially cause. This really increases your risk for ice dams, because if that snow melts from the heat in your attic, it could sit at the edge of your roof, where it re-freezes due to the outside temperature. This causes ice dams and even more damage to your roof and gutters.

A roof rake is a good tool to use to remove snow from your roof. Start at the edge and work in a downward motion. As snow falls to the edge of your roof and in the gutter, remove that snow so that it does not turn into ice dams or clog your gutters.

Get Proper Insulation

If you want to prevent the ice dams from forming in the first place in order to reduce damage to your roof, get better insulation in your attic. Insulation will keep the heat inside your attic and home, without escaping to the roof and melting the snow or ice on top of your roof. You should also get proper ventilation of your attic as well for the same reason.

Clean Your Gutters Regularly

Just because snow has melted on your roof, does not mean it will cause an ice dam. If your gutters are clear, that melted snow becomes water that simply runs down the gutters and no ice dams are formed. The problem comes when you have debris caught in the gutters, which causes the water to stay in the gutters without moving.

It will remain there long enough to freeze again and cause ice dams if it is cold enough outside. Prevent this by cleaning your gutters once or twice a year. Remove all dirt and debris, including leaves, and other types of debris you find.

If you have snow or ice on your roof that you are worried will cause damage, contact a roofing contractor. They will clean your gutters, remove ice dams, and inspect your roof to see if you need any repairs. To learn more, contact a company like Dean & Dunn Roofing LLC with any questions you have.