Flood Damage And Antique Recovery

30 January 2015
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If your home has been damaged from a flood you can be up against some major repair and recovery. Aside from any structural damage, pieces in your home that are important to you might be damaged. Assessing antique and furniture damage can help determine if your antique items are salvageable. After a flood in your home, here are four steps to immediately take in order to see what can be saved or restored.

1. Remove Items from the Flooded Environment

If your home or flood area is still in clean-up mode and damp or flooded, remove your pieces immediately. Make sure that your prized possessions are brought to a safe, dry environment so that they can recover. Even if pieces or furniture are up off of the floor and away from flooding, the area might still be damp and can lead to further damage.

2. Dry out Items Completely

Lamps, footstools, and wooden items such as tables and chairs may just need to be dried out to be back to good as new, or in need of minor water damage restoration. Once you have your antique items somewhere safe, get an airflow going so that items can quickly dry out. Wooden furniture or articles with upholstery need to be dried out as efficiently as possible to stop additional water damage.

3. Do an Overall Checklist of the Extent of Damage

If there is damage still apparent after items are rescued from a flood, do an overall checklist. If there are electrical items such as lamps you hope to salvage, make sure to bring to a professional and don't test on your own. For other furniture or decor items, check for warping, peeling and discoloration so that you can point out to a professional.

4. Bring to a Professional to Assess Damage and Restoration

Professionals in the restoration business (such as Flagship Restoration) have seen it all. Once you have assessed a piece yourself, bring your concerns to a water damage restoration expert to take a look. They can be honest and let you know if a piece is damaged beyond repair, or what can be done to restore.

If you have had family heirlooms or antiques damaged in a flood, acting quickly is of utmost importance. Flood damage is unique from other types of water damage such as dampness or rain. Flooding comes on fast, but can be recovered more quickly in some cases since items aren't exposed to prolonged water damage. Recovering your items and bringing to a water damage expert will be your best chance for a successful restoration.