The Practicalities And Social Follies Of Air Conditioning

5 February 2015
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Choosing an air conditioning system is not easy, as there is more to the choice than convenience or cost. As the air conditioning system is a part of a home or establishment, its placement and appearance can have a great effect on the appeal of your property. As you look through different choices for heating and cooling, consider the balance between cost, effectiveness and appeal before settling on your air conditioning system of choice.

Wall Units Offer Versatility At Per Unit Cost

If you're managing a hotel, apartment complex or any establishment that should give the room occupant some control of the climate, wall units are the standard choice. Their reach is often limited to a room, and can be controlled easily without major inconvenience to others.

Wall units are generally the heating or cooling device (or both) attached to a vent, which can be placed in different areas for optimum efficiency. Since the size of wall units are usually so small, there won't be much affect on other rooms as it works. There may be a bit of a temperature change in nearby rooms if the door is left open, but the effect is negligible.

Since the units are installed in the walls, you may mar the appearance of your walls. Even with effective craftsmanship and repair, the appearance of vents and dials may still stand out too much unless you get very creative with masking the devices.

Wall units can be found at many quality levels, but since their reach is limited, you would have to install multiple units to reach an entire property. This isn't wise if you're managed a five or six room property around 1000 square feet, which would be a prime choice of a central air unit.

If you have many rooms with different occupants who need different climate needs, the cost is worth it. For tenant services, the cost can be passed along via rent.

Central Air: Efficiency Without Flexibility

For heating or cooling an entire home or a bed and breakfast setting where climate choice is not an issue, central air units are the most cost effective. Compared to the $100 to $300 investment with a wall unit, the often $600 to $2,000 central air units may seem like a big investment. 

The benefit comes from central air's ability to quickly and efficiently condition an entire building when rated properly. Every building has unique traits when it comes to heating and cooling, so it takes the expertise of a heating and air conditioning installation professional to find the best way to install the system for the most comfortable air reach.

Actual air conditioning units may seem large and gaudy, but can be more effectively hidden inside vented shrouds, within bushes, inside special buildings or even on the roof. If practicality and style are one in the same for you when it comes to home decor, contact an air conditioning repairs and installation team to discuss your unique needs.