The Right Fence For Your Home

10 March 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Homeowners everywhere know that having a fence has a lot of benefits. The added amount of privacy to your yard, keeping things in or out of your yard, and defining property boundaries are just a few benefits from having a fence. For some people though, the bigger questions is not whether or not they should have a fence, but rather, what kind of fence? There are four basic categories of fencing materials that people consider for their yards and they are vinyl/composite, brick/stone, metal, and wood.


The reason this type of fence has the most appeal among homeowners is because of its clean, professional look. The cost is reasonable, which means that people can afford to get this look to their home without breaking the bank. Another big benefit is that there is not a lot of maintenance that has to go into keeping these fences looking nice. No yearly painting, sealing, or sanding is required to keep these fences looking nice, just a rinse with a hose usually. If you have a problem with people climbing in or out of your property, it is also helpful that there are no middle boards, giving a good footing for climbing.


One of the most solid fences that you can have is one built out of brick or stone. These give a traditional, high-class look to a home. These fences are going to cost more than any other fencing option, but they will also last longer. The wind can't blow these fences over and they can take a beating from baseballs. Installation and removal of this type of fence takes a lot of work, so be sure that this is the route before doing either.


A chain link fence is the most common type of fence because of how little they cost to install. They do the basic jobs of keeping things, animals, or people in and out of your yard, so they are a great option. The biggest complaint that people have with these fences are that they lack privacy. Is this is an issue for you, there are slats that you can slide in and out of the links to give more privacy, even if it isn't a solid wall.


Another standard fencing material is wood. There are all kinds of fencing installation options for a wood fence that give you a unique look. There are also different boards available such as different widths, different tops to each slat, and different kinds of wood. These fences are a little bit more pricey, but the biggest deterrent is the maintenance required to keep them looking nice. Painting and sealing these fences is required to keep them looking professional. Talk to places like JC Fence CO for more information.