The Woes Of Kids And Washing Machines

11 July 2015
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When you have children in the house, you never know what you may find buried inside of your washing machine after just one wash cycle. From crayons to mud pies, this can definitely cause a few problems with the longevity and durability of your washer. Here are a few of the most common woes that can come up if you have a washing machine that shares the house with young children, and the simple fixes that you should know in case of a disaster. 

Soap Overload

After you get the washer started on its daily cycle, you step away for only a moment, but in that moment your youngster decides that the machine obviously needs more soap. The next thing that you know, you have a washing machine that is spewing suds and bubbles across the house. Unfortunately, a lot of soap can be a big deal in a washing machine because it can clog up drain lines and leave buildup in the basket. If this happens to you, stop the cycle and remove as much of the soap-filled water from the machine as you possibly can. You should even take the clothes inside out of the wash and rinse them in the sink to remove the excess detergent. 

Once you have removed the soap-filled laundry and as much water as possible, use a heavy cotton towel to absorb what is left in the wash tub. When the washer is emptied out, run it through a new cycle with vinegar, hot water, and bleach, which will work to break up any additional soap that has built up inside of your appliance. 

Color-Your-Clothing Experience 

When you flip open the lid of your washing machine and find that all of your white clothes are now marked with rainbow colors of red, blue, and yellow, you can pretty much guarantee that a crayon has somehow made its way into the washer. Unfortunately, you don't just have newly creative and colorful clothing, but you likely have waxy crayon marks all over the inside of your washing machine tub. Removing these marks so that you prevent coloring the next load of clothing will be a difficult task, but it can be accomplished with some mayonnaise and a good scrubbing. Apply the mayonnaise to each crayon mark and allow it to soak for a few minutes and then rub briskly with a dry cloth-preferably warm from the dryer. 

Living with kids in the house, you never know what may be lurking around the corner--or even under the lid of your washing machine. If your child has created a major problem, talk to a washing machine repair technician for more information.