Three Tips To Help You With Maintenance And Care For Your Oil Tanks

31 July 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you rely on oil for your heating, the fuel tank is an important part of your system. The tank is where oil is stored, and this is why it needs to receive maintenance just like your heating system. Oil tanks can contain debris and other materials that need to be cleaned. If you want to avoid problems with your heating, here are some maintenance and care tips that can help:

1. Inspect Your Tank For Damage

Many things, such as scratches and dents, can damage oil tanks. This damage can weaken the tank, which can eventually lead to oil leaks. Inspect your tank regularly for signs of damage. If you see things like deep scratches, dents and chopped paint, it may be time for repairs. Having these problems addressed early can prevent oil leaks that cost you money and pollute the environment.

2. Check Valves And Connections That May Leak

Your oil tank is likely to be outside or located in an area a safe distance away from your boiler. This means that there are many components that go from the tank to the boiler. All of these parts have the potential to leak and cause problems. You want to check things like valves, filters and connectors regularly for leaks. The leaks can cause major problems with your heating, and they are often easy fixes that can save you from costly repairs. It is important to do this before you start using your heating, as well as periodically throughout the winter months.  

3. Look For Water In The Tank And Pipes To The Heating System

Water can be another major problem for your heating oil. Moisture in tanks, pipes and lines can cause corrosion and leaks. It can also cause your boiler to work less efficiently and even damage it. It is a good idea to check for water and debris in your tank. If you plan on having your tank filled soon, do this before you fill the tank to be able to bleed out the water and clean any debris that has built up inside the tank.  It is a good idea to do this before the winter season starts to ensure that you do not have problems when you need your heating most.

These are some maintenance and care tips that can help you reduce tank problems. If you need to have your system serviced, contact a heating oil service like Self Heating Cooling to get the help you need with many of these maintenance tasks.