4 Types Of Warehouse Racking Systems

11 August 2015
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Pallet racking is the storage system you use in the warehouse for racking items and inventory. There are a few different systems to use, from drive-in racking systems to stacked pallet racks. You might use just one system throughout your warehouse or a combination of methods. What you choose depends on a number of factors, from the size of your pallets, so how often you need to retrieve them. Here are four different types of warehouse racking systems.

Drive-in Racking

This is one of the more commonly used racking systems in large warehouses. You will have your pallet rack shelving units set up to where a forklift can drive through the warehouse and pick up racks that need to be used. These are called drive-in or drive-through pallet racking systems. There are several pallets in each bay, so it is a great choice when you have a lot of storage that needs to be done. It lets you stack multiple pallets and retrieve them easily. The disadvantage is that without the forklift, you don't have quick access to all of the pallets.

Selective Racking

Selective racking systems are widely used in warehouses of all types. There are beams in the storage area that hold the pallets. While selective racking can be used with different configurations, it is commonly used with narrow aisle racking. You can also have a deep reach system or standard racking system with the selective rack method. With this method, you can retrieve pallets individually without the use of special machinery or equipment.

Push Back Racking

Another type of racking system you might want to use in your warehouse is the push back racking system. With this system, the pallets are always loaded and unloaded from the front. This means the pallets are loaded onto the rack, then pushed all the way back, before adding more. If you want to retrieve a pallet, you can only take it from te front; the back is not accessible. This is good for high amounts of storage and if you only want to use a single aisle for loading and unloading. However, it isn't the most convenient way to access different pallets.

Cantilever Racking

Finally, you can use a free-standing system called cantilever racking. With this system, there is no vertical obstruction because there are horizontal arms that hold the pallets. This is good for products that aren't always uniform, such as appliances and home goods, heavy-duty metals, sheet metal, and various building materials. It is also customizable, which is another bonus.