Using A Medicine Cabinet To Create The Illusion Of Space

30 October 2015
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you have a small bathroom, you may wish to take steps to make it appear larger to reduce the feeling of claustrophobia when using the facilities. Many people try making a room feel bigger by using a light color scheme or by adding a clear shower curtain or glass. Another addition that can make the space feel much larger is with the placement of a proper medicine cabinet. Here are some tips to use to help select a medicine cabinet that will make the room feel larger once it is adorning a wall in your bathroom.

Remove Clutter

Installing a medicine cabinet will help remove clutter from the room. Your belongings will be neatly tucked away out of view, helping to maximize the amount of free space in the room. When clutter abounds, the floors or shelves will be covered, making the room seem even tinier. Select a medicine cabinet with a few tiers of shelving. Opt for a cabinet with a shelf attached along the bottom to place knickknacks, or a rod to hang a hand towel.

Add A Mirror

Select a medicine cabinet with a mirrored front door. Mirrors increase the feeling of space as the reflection will appear to be a part of the room when viewed. Medicine cabinets with two or three paneled doors will allow you to keep items in different sections while increasing the look of space in your room easily. Place a mirrored medicine cabinet over your sink and place a mirror on the opposite wall to make the room feel bigger. Add mirrored tiles around a mirrored medicine cabinet to increase the amount of reflection seen.

Use Lighting

Many medicine cabinets come with lighting incorporated on the top or bottom of the cabinet. Adding lighting in a small room will make the space feel bigger. Select lighting that brightens a large portion of the wall rather than small bulbs that only brighten around the mirrored surface. 

Place Properly

A cabinet that is positioned too low will make a room feel a bit smaller. Place the cabinet at eye-level so the eyes will automatically look upward. This will help make the room feel as if it has more height. Placing tiles or using a wallpaper border under the cabinet will help break up the monotony of the plain wall in this space. This will cause the eyes to look in several directions, which tricks the brain into thinking the space is larger. Another way to create the illusion of more space is to stagger two medicine cabinets by placing them at different heights along side each other.