How To Apply A Protective Coating To Asphalt Shingles

17 November 2015
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Asphalt roofing shingles do a great job at protecting your home, but they are exposed to sunlight, hail, and rain that can damage the material. This makes the shingles prone to cracking. If a crack does develop in an asphalt shingle, it has the potential to develop into a leak. The best way to protect the shingles from damage is by applying a protective coating to them. It will seal the roof, protect your house, and present you with an opportunity to alter the color of your roof if you like.

Tools & Materials

You'll need the following items before you can begin:

  • Protective goggles
  • Protective gloves
  • Nonslip shoes
  • Ladder
  • Bristle broom
  • Bucket (5-gallon)
  • Paint stick
  • Paintbrush (4-inch)
  • Roller brush (with extension and handle)
  • Paint grid
  • Shingle coating material

Get Ready

Your ladder will need to be positioned so it extends 3 feet or more past your roof's edge. This will give you some additional stability when working on your roof. Make sure you wear your protective gloves and eyewear before climbing up the ladder.

Clean Debris

You will want to remove all of the debris and dirt on the surface with your broom before you apply the protective roof coating. This is so that the debris does not get covered with roof coating, and then leave your roof exposed in the spot it was at when the debris blows away.

Mix The Coating

Pour your roof coating directly your bucket, mix it with the stirring stick, and place the paint grid in the bucket. Your roof coating should have a consistency that is similar to latex paint. If the coating is too thick, you can gradually add water until it is the proper consistency.

Brush Hard To Reach Areas

You will want to use your paintbrush to coat areas that will be difficult to reach with your roller. This includes areas where the siding meets the roof, and around pipes, vents, and other items that protrude through the roof.

Roll Coating On The Roof

Your paint grid hangs vertically inside the bucket and works much like a paint tray. When you run the roller over your paint grid, the excess paint will fall back into the bucket.

Work your roller from the roof's peak down to the bottom in a narrow section that is easy to reach with your ladder. Make sure that the layer of coating is even and thin across the roof's surface. You can use the same techniques you'd use for painting a wall with a roller, such as painting a W shape and then spreading the excess roof coating across the area. Work in sections from top to bottom, and then move the ladder over to the next section so you can repeat the process.

For more information, or if you would like professional assistance, contact Central Mass Building & Construction or a similar company.