5 Ways To Add Security To Your Home--Starting With Your Garage Door

12 January 2016
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If your home has a garage--whether it's attached or detached--the fact remains that you want to keep it well protected against possible intruders. After all, you likely have valuable equipment stored in your garage, and if your garage is attached, it also provides access to the rest of your home. Even if you already have a garage door opener in place, there are some steps you may be able to take to increase security.

Upgrade Your Garage Door Opener

How old is your garage door opener? If it's more than a decade or so old, you'll want to check with the manufacturer to determine whether or not it has "rolling code" technology, which essentially protects your opener from being infiltrated by outside radio waves. If your opener doesn't have this technology, it may be time to upgrade to one that does.

Frost Over Garage Windows

A garage door with windows built in can make for a nice decorative touch and will also allow some natural light to enter your otherwise dark garage space. Still, glass windows can be a point of entry for thieves, especially when they're able to see into the garage and scope out equipment they may want to steal. For added privacy and security, consider frosting over your existing garage door windows. Or, replace them with solid garage doors for even better security.

Don't Keep Your Opener in Your Car

Many people keep their garage door openers in their vehicles for convenience. However, think about it: if your car were to be stolen, it's a scary realization to make that the thieves would also now have access to your garage. Instead of keeping your opener on your vehicle visor or in your glove box, consider keeping it in your purse or otherwise on your person at all times.

Implement Smart Home Technology

These days, there are smart home sensors you can buy and place on your garage door (or other entry points in your home) that will notify you via your smartphone or tablet (even if you're not home) in the event that the door is opened. Some new garage door openers even have this technology built in, so consider implementing it at your own home for added security.

Add a Deadbolt to Attached Garage Entries

If you have an attached garage, make sure you keep the inside door that leads to your home locked at all times for added peace of mind. If it doesn't already have a deadbolt on it, consider adding one to the existing door. This way, if somebody were to break into your garage, they wouldn't have easy access to the rest of your home as a result.

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