4 Ways To Keep The Paint On Your Commercial Property Looking Good

22 February 2016
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Consistently making a positive impression is important for your business to succeed. Just about every aspect of your business plays some role, including the appearance of your commercial property. When it looks outdated and uninviting, you are not going to win people over on looks alone. But, you can get closer to pleasing potential customers by keeping the paint on your property in tip-top shape.

Organize to Avoid Contact with Feet and Hands

For both the inside and the outside, you should try to avoid layouts that promote contact with walls. It is important to organize furniture in a way to keep people's feet and hands away from all walls. Also, you should make landscape plans to direct people away from the edge of the building.

Not only can dirty hands and shoes make your walls look like a mess, but people are also capable of accidents, such as spilling a drink and having it spread all over the interior or exterior walls.

Keep Extra Flat Paint On Hand

When you have flat paint on the inside of your commercial property, you should always keep extra flat paint in storage. It is easy for flat paint to pick up stains and it is a major challenge to clean. The better solution is to touch it up instead, which should only require one or two coats to get the job done.

Transition to Eggshell

Once you are ready to make some substantial changes to the interior paint, you should consider transitioning to paint with an eggshell finish. It is a better option, especially for businesses, mainly because it is easily cleaned. It allows you to actually clean the walls, without having to touch it up every time it gets dirty.

Get a Non-Abrasive Duster

Whether you use eggshell or flat paint, you can always scratch the walls with improper care. A non-abrasive duster is essential to use to avoid creating any micro-scratches. To the naked eye, these scratches may not be that noticeable, but not using the right duster over months of use will expose them further. Dusting is about as far as you can get with flat paint in regards to cleaning, so doing it right is crucial.

Maintaining any commercial property is a lot of work, but it is easier when you know how to do it properly. Following these tips will help you keep the interior and exterior paint in great condition. If your paint needs updating, contact a painting contractor like B & P Painting Inc.