6 Advantages Of Replacement Windows

22 March 2016
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If you are planning to replace the windows of your home, you may be making a wise investment. There are multiple benefits received when old windows in a home are replaced by new ones. Here are a few of those advantages:

Energy Savings

Often, new windows are better insulated then the old windows that they replace, and they fit the window frame more snugly. Thus, less air-conditioned air can escape from your home. In addition, cold air from the outside cannot easily enter around the new windows in the winter. Likewise, hot air cannot seep in during warmer months.

Shatterproof glass

Some newer windows contain shatterproof glass. This is important, for the safety of those in your home. Old windows can break or crack due to changes in temperature. A brittle window pane can be dangerously sharp when broken.

Utility Rebates

When new energy-efficient windows are installed, you may receive a rebate from your utility company. These savings are provided to homeowners to encourage the lessening of energy expenditures. 

Easy Cleaning

New replacement windows, such as tilt-and-turn windows, open in inwardly. This allows the homeowner to have easy access to both sides of the windows for cleaning. There's no need to climb a ladder or stand outside your home cleaning windows. The full cleaning process can be performed easily from inside your home.

Window Tint

Some  replacement windows may come with special window tint. This tint can block blinding glare and ultraviolet rays from entering your home. These rays can bleach upholstery fabrics and cause leather furniture to crack and fade. In addition, UV rays are associated with poor skin health.

Excessive exposure to ultraviolet light can cause skin to burn. Overtime, skin cancer can develop.

New tinted windows may also offer more privacy for your home. People passing by your home will not be able to see easily inside even if you don't have any window treatments covering your windows.

Tinted residential windows can also maximize energy savings due to the artificial shade provided by the tinted windows.

Style Update

New replacement windows can be selected in many different styles. The latticework of the windows can be matched to the design of your home. In addition, frame colors can be chosen to complement existing hues.

If you're interested in replacing the windows of your home, contact a window specialist, such as Summit Valley Glass and Windows. They might be able to help you to update your home.