Guarantee Beauty, Elegance, and Protection: Maintaining Your French Doors

11 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When many people imagine their dream home, they think about a luxurious patio with sweeping French doors that open out to a beautiful lawn. That goal may very well be within your reach, but installing those doors without a proper understanding of how they must be maintained can allow that dream to quickly become a homeowner's nightmare.

Below, you'll find some tips for maintaining the strength, security, and function of your French doors. Following these suggestions will allow you to enjoy that grand, sweeping effect for as long as possible, and should also help guarantee you aren't faced with costly home improvement projects that likely never made their way into your excited subconscious.

Use Reinforced Hinges

For many people, the reality of French doors results in the use of one door more heavily than its mate. As a point of access, it may be impractical to throw open both doors at a time, but this can unfortunately result in asymmetric wear that causes one door to appear offset or sag lower than the other. It can also, consequently, be at risk of jamming.

One way to prevent this from occurring is to purchase and use reinforced stainless steel hinges for the lower hinge on each door. This will allow you to fight the forces of gravity more directly and should provide an extra layer of protection that stands up to heavy use.

Monitor Weather Stripping

French doors look great, but if they begin to let treated air leak from your home or if they become the source of unwelcome whistling air sounds, they can become a major annoyance. Preventing those conditions can be somewhat easily done, but it does require a degree of proactivity.

The most common source of these problems in French doors is damage to the doors' weather stripping. As this rubber layer wears away from water, wind, and standard usage, your door will no longer provide its strongest seal. Monitoring your weather stripping for damage and replacing it at the first visible sign is a vital step in securing your home for the future.

Constant Glass Cleaning

The beauty of sunlight pouring in through your French doors is nearly unparalleled, but that sun can begin to streak and blur if there are problems with the door's glass. Skin oil, dust, and other microscopic irritants can cause serious damage if left untreated over time, ruining the aesthetic you worked to create. Make sure to work glass cleaning into your regular chore rotation, guaranteeing your doors receive the treatment they deserve.