3 Types Of People Who Can Benefit From Automatic Doors In Your Business

28 April 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Although you might have thought about buying automatic doors for your business, you might be holding back before making the investment. However, if you do install automatic doors, a lot of your customers can benefit from it. These are three types of people who can benefit from the addition of automatic doors to your business.

1. Disabled Customers

Even if you have ramps and other accommodations for your disabled customers, these customers might still have a tough time getting the door open. Automatic doors can be very helpful for those who are in a wheelchair or who use a walker or cane, and they can be great for elderly shoppers who might not have the strength to open heavy doors anymore. Your disabled customers are sure to appreciate it if you put in automatic doors to help make access easier for them.

2. Parents

Have you ever tried to push open a door while pushing a stroller and having a toddler on your side? It can be a challenge. Automatic doors can make it much easier for moms, dads and others who are taking care of children to get into your business without having to maneuver the stroller while keeping an eye on otheir small children. It's a great way to make life easier for parents while keeping kids safe, since parents can pay closer attention to their children while getting into your business and since you don't have to worry as much about kids getting their fingers smashed in the door or otherwise being injured.

3. Big Spenders

For customers who have a ton of shopping bags in their hands when they leave or who are pushing a cart out of the store, automatic doors can make it much easier to leave after spending a bunch of money. You obviously probably want to cater to the customers who spend a lot of money in your business, and adding automatic doors to make it easier for them to carry out their purchases to the car can be a great way to do so.

As you can see, a lot of different people can benefit from automatic doors being installed in your business. After considering all of these benefits, you just might find that you are ready to make the investment after all. Contact a professional company like Allied Door Controls & Glass to learn about more benefits of automatic doors.