5 Ways To Get Greater Energy Efficiency From A Central Air Conditioner

27 June 2016
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Do you avoid using your central air conditioning system as much as possible because it always causes your energy bill to skyrocket? If you are ready to start enjoying your central air conditioner with better energy efficiency, there are several things that you can do. Take a look at the list of tips that are in this article to learn how you can get more energy efficiency from your central air conditioning system.

1. Get the Air Ducts Cleaned

Clean air ducts are crucial when it comes to having an energy-efficient central air conditioning system. No matter how good of shape the other parts of the system are, energy efficiency will be low if air is unable to fully flow through the ducts. You must get the ducts cleaned for dirt, mold, and possibly even rodent removal.

2. Prevent the Sun from Shining Through Windows

If there are shades, blinds or curtains hanging at your windows, make sure that they are closed during the times that the central air conditioner is running. It is ok to leave the window treatments open if the sun is covered by clouds. Just make sure the sun does not shine inside of your house, as it creates heat that interferes with the coldness of the air conditioner.  

3. Get the Blower Fan Inspected

The blower fan to your central air conditioning system is important because it sends air through the air ducts. You might want to get the blower fan inspected to find out if it fully functions to produce a sufficient amount of air. A problematic blower fan can be repaired or replaced.

4. Make Sure Your Home Windows Are in Good Shape

It is wise to invest in new home windows if the ones that you have are not in good shape. You want to make sure the windows are able to fully close, and that there are no cracks in the glass that allows air to seep in or out. Getting energy efficient windows installed can help with saving money when your central air conditioner is on. Opt for multiple panes of glass and argon gas for the best level of efficiency.

5. Get the Evaporator Coil Cleaned

You must understand that the evaporator coil is the area of your central air conditioning system that creates cold air. However, the air can stay warm if the evaporator coil is dirty. The reason the coil must be cleaned is because warm air has to touch the metal in order for cooling to take place, but dirt creates a barrier. Hire a contractor to inspect your central air conditioning system and find out if any repairs are necessary.

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