Answering Common Questions About Having A Water Well System Installed

19 September 2016
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Wells can be a great option for homeowners that are needing a source of water for their homes. However, it can be fairly common for new homeowners to be fairly poorly informed when it comes to these systems. As a result, they may not be sure of what should be expected from adding a well to their property. If this is an upgrade that you are considering making, learning some answers to commonly asked water well questions should provide you with more of the insight you need when it comes to these systems.

Can You Simply Drill Your Own Well?

There can be substantial costs involved with installing a well on your property. As a result, you may be considering whether this is a task that you will be able to do without professional help. Unfortunately, this can prove to be a major mistake to make. It can be exceedingly difficult to determine whether the underground water source is located. Without the right training and experience, it could be exceedingly difficult for you to locate a suitable underground water source for your well. Due to these facts, you may find that drilling your own well is far more expensive than hiring a professional.  

Are Well Pumps Suitable For Use With Sprinkler Systems?

If you have a sprinkler system for watering your yard, it is important to understand there can be strict regulations in place governing the use of well water for irrigation. In many communities, you may be required to pay for a special permit to use your well water for irrigation. This is due to the fact that underground water sources are community resources, and these regulations are designed to prevent the water source from being depleted.

What Type Of Servicing Will The Well Pump Require?

Moving water from under the ground into your home will require a powerful pump. Unfortunately, these pumps can suffer extensive wear and tear over the time that you own them, which can result in performance decreases and a higher risk of suffering mechanical malfunctions.

Fortunately, having your well pump serviced by a professional like Patterson Well Drilling Inc. on a yearly basis will generally be the extent of the maintenance that you need to do to it. During these service visits, the technician will inspect the various mechanical and electrical parts of the pump to make sure that they are in good condition. Additionally, they will make sure that the system is properly lubricated. Many well pump problems start out as minor issues, but they can develop into serious issues if they are not repaired. By having your system serviced each year, you can increase the chances that these issues are repaired before they become serious problems.