Creative Replacement Window Options

26 October 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Not all replacement windows are created equal. If you want something that adds a little more style to your home, look at some of the modern decorative window options. Instead of plain and boring windows, your glass can be a statement piece for your home that improves both the inside appearance and the outside curb appeal. The following are a few options.

Gridded windows

Gridded windows have a decorative grid overlain on the glass. This gives the appearance of a multi-pane window, but without the energy loss that occurs when a bunch of separate windows are used.

Grids can be laid in a variety of patterns, from those with equal sizes to mimic a traditional pane window, to those that simply provide a border to a larger window pane. Different finishes are also available, including metal, vinyl, wood-look vinyl, and actual wood. Wood and vinyl are good options if you ever want to repaint the grid, while metal is durable and provides a clean, classic line.

Cut glass

Cut or beveled glass designs are most often seen on the inset windows for front doors, but they are suitable in other areas as well. These designs typically begin on thick frosted glass. Then, the design is laser etched or beveled into the window.

These windows work well in areas where you want privacy but don't want window coverings, such as in the bathroom or on a window right next to the entry door. The frosted glass will let in plenty of light but it keeps out prying eyes.

Decorative windows

Decorative glass is similar to cut glass. Frosted windows are sometimes used, either for the whole window or in parts of the design. Beveling may also be part of the design, along with etching and stained glass elements. These windows usually have a very specific design, reminiscent of the stained glass and custom windows used on traditional arts and crafts style homes of the 1920s and 30s.

Whole window designs are often used in door inset windows, entry windows, or odd-shaped windows where curtains aren't an option. You can also sometimes find standard windows that have a decorative glass border. Using these as your main front of house windows, and then combining them with full decorative glass windows in a door or smaller window, provides the look of your home with more cohesion.

For more help in choosing the perfect specialty glass, contact a residential glass contractor, like one from Central Glass Company, in your area.