Three Reasons For Removing Stumps And One Best Practice

18 July 2017
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Removing trees from your yard can be a difficult and dangerous task. Once you have felled a tree, you may be tempted to leave the stump because removing a stump typically means a lot of digging, cutting, and using a truck to pull it out. On the other hand, leaving a stump in the ground can be dangerous for a few different reasons. 

Insect Invasions

A rotting stump serves as an excellent forward base for insects who would like to get into your home. Termites, in particular, can move from a tree stump to other wooden structures on your property. Thus, leaving tree stumps intact could be setting you up for termite damage later on. 

Insect Attacks

Even if insects never make the jump from a tree stump to your home, allowing insects to make nests in your yard can endanger your children and pets. For instance, if you have a wasp nest in a tree stump, any children or pets who stray to close to the stump may end up with a nasty sting. Taking out the stump will make one less possible nesting ground for wasps, spiders, etc. 

Spread of Disease

As a tree stump rots, it may incubate diseases that could spread to healthy trees in your yard. Particularly if the tree you cut down showed sings of being diseased, you will want to remove its stump. Even if the tree you cut down was not diseased, its stump may still become diseased, so for the health of the other trees in your yard, it is best to remove the stump. 

An Easier Way

Rather than dig out, cut its roots, and then pull a stump out, you should simply rent a stump grinder. A stump grinder consists of a grinding wheel at the end of a hydraulic arm connected to a base with controls. To use the stump grinder, you will need to cut the stump off as close to the ground as possible. You can then use the grinder to tear the stump apart. The hydraulic arm will allow you to continue grinding the stump down until the top of the stump is a few inches below the surface of the surrounding yard. Once you have completely grinder the stump down, you can cover it with planting soil and spread grass seed over the patch of soil. Within a few weeks of vigilant watering, all signs of the stump will be erased. 

Since the stump grinder came on the market, there is no reason to leave stumps in your yard. If you are not confident in your ability to properly use a stump grinder, you could talk to a tree removal service, such as Smitty's Tree Service Inc, about removing any stumps that you need to get rid of.