Five Things You Need To Do In The Coming Weeks To Get Your Heating System Ready For The Cold

5 September 2017
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You have to go into the cold season prepared to avoid discomfort in your home when the temperature drops. At the beginning of the winter, your furnace and heating equipment could be slow at getting up to peak operating condition.

However, you can prepare for the winter weather by doing the following five thing to get your home heating system ready for the cold:

Give your furnace a thorough cleaning

Dust can accumulate on and inside your furnace throughout the spring and summer months when it's not being used. A simple cleaning can go a long way in preparing your furnace for periods of intense use. 

In particular, pay attention to cleaning off your furnace unit's burners to prepare for the cold. Any debris or dust that's interfering with your burners can detract significantly from the effectiveness of your furnace's operation. 

Make sure that your vents are not clogged and that air is flowing freely through them

Like your furnace unit itself, your vents can also become clogged by dirt and debris during the off-season. Proper air flow through your vents is essential to the proper operation of your heating equipment. 

Dust and debris aren't the only things that can block vents. Furniture pieces that have been relocated since the end of the last winter can block air flow and detract from unit efficiency. It's therefore a good idea to take a look at your furnace and the furniture and other decor accessories surrounding it to find the right setup for efficient operation. 

Set your ceiling fan to rotate in the opposite direction

Reversing the direction in which your ceiling fans rotate can make it easier to keep your home warm when the temperature drops.

Cold air is denser than warm air and tends to settle at the bottom in an interior space. You need to set your ceiling fans to push the warm air that is collecting toward your ceiling downwards to displace cold air below and warm the living spaces in your home. 

Put a new filter in the furnace or heater in your home

A dirty, clogged filter is going to hamper the operation of your heating system. Make sure that you replace your filter before the cold weather comes. 

Make sure your home is as airtight as possible

Sealing any air leaks in your home will make it easier for your heating system to keep warm, conditioned air inside and cold air outside. Areas you need to pay attention to where air leaks are likely include your windows, baseboards, and vents.

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