How To Keep Your Yard Attractive

23 January 2018
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Keeping your yard looking its best is an achievable goal when you know the elements to keeping a tidy yard. Here are three ways to help improve and maintain the appearance of your yard.

Add Asphalt Paving

A paved surface in your yard helps the area look clean and well maintained and can keep down weeds, dust, and dirt accumulation. When driving across and parking upon a dirt or gravel-covered surface, it can be hard to keep it looking sharp, as it can easily become rutted and full of potholes. You can opt for asphalt paving for less than it costs to pour concrete.

Maintenance of your asphalt is fairly simple, and the surface of asphalt is flexible and will give under the weight of vehicles, as it is made of a mixture of aggregate, or gravel, and a tar emulsion. But as the sun can oxidize the asphalt and extreme weather conditions may cause the surface to crack, you can sealcoat it every few years to keep it looking nice and to protect the surface of the pavement from drying out. Talk to a local paving contractor for an estimate to pave your intended area and keeping it up with a sealcoating application in the future.

Install Landscape Edging

Installing edging around any areas of flowers, bushes, other vegetation, and mulch can help keep your yard looking neat and tidy. Especially when the edging is made with durable concrete curbing or stones set in a decorative pattern, it will keep your soil in its place and keep your lawn from growing into your bedding areas.

You can install this type of edging by digging troughs into the borders of your bedding areas and setting brick or stone within the soil. Or you can talk to a local concrete company about pouring concrete curbing along the edges. Concrete curbing will have fewer seams or gaps where vegetation can grow its way through.

Utilize Aggressive Weed Control

One other way to help keep your yard well maintained and attractive is to use an aggressive weed control method. Eliminating weeds before they can mature and shed seeds is a great way to stop their growth in your yard.

Use a garden trowel to remove the root and plant of each individual weed in your lawn and flowerbeds, or spray a weed killer treatment that kills broad-leaf weeds. You can also add a weed-and-feed type fertilizer to your lawn to boost your lawn's health while it kills off any weeds. Keep in mind that promoting the health of your lawn can be beneficial for choking out weeds in your lawn.