4 Steps To Cleaning Your Roof And Preventing Wear And Costly Repairs

26 February 2018
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If you want a roof that lasts with few repairs, maintenance is important. Part of the maintenance that needs to be done is cleaning your roof, which you want to make sure you do correctly to avoid excessive wear and damage to shingles. Here are the steps you need to take to cleaning your roof to protect against wear and costly repairs:

1. Ensure You Are Safe Before You Clean Your Roof

Before you get started cleaning your roof, the first step is going to be to get equipment and safety gear. Make sure you have the appropriate clothing and soft-soled shoes for roofing. You may also want to invest in a roofing safety harness and ropes for doing maintenance and repairs to your roof. The last piece of equipment that you are going to need is an extension ladder to get on your roof and start doing maintenance and cleaning.

2. Sweeping Debris and Cleaning the Gutters of Your Home

Once you have all your equipment ready, you are going to want to clean the roof and gutters. To start, use a broom to sweep debris and dirt off the roof. Make sure that you scrub in between cracks where buildup of decaying debris can cause growth of fungus and plants on your roof. In addition, make sure you clean at the eaves and clean your gutters while doing maintenance.

3. Using Roof Cleaners to Deal With Fungus Problems on Your Roof

Another step that you may need to do when cleaning your roof is applying cleaners to deal with fungus like moss or lichen. Bleach is a popular cleaner to use for this but can cause damage to roof because it is corrosive. Rather than use bleach, you can use specialized cleaners or lye to clean the roof. Use safety precautions using any roof cleaning products or other chemicals.

4. Rinsing Dirt and Cleaners With a Simple Garden Hose and No Pressure

The last step in cleaning your roof is as simple as rinsing it with a garden hose. You want to use the hose without a pressure nozzle, and not use a pressure washer which you may read in some places. Pressure causes the granules to be washed off and makes shingles vulnerable.

These are the steps you will want to take to make sure your roof is clean and reduce wear. If you need help with small repairs, inspection contact a home exterior service to help with this and other maintenance outside your home.