3 Tips For Fixing A Leaky Faucet

1 June 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Is the sound of a dripping faucet causing you to lose sleep at night? In addition to the torturous sound of dripping water, a leaky faucet could be driving up the cost of your monthly water bill.

Repairing a leaky faucet isn't something that you should put off, it's something that should be done as quickly as possible to prevent water waste and protect your plumbing system against serious damage.

Use these tips to help you effectively fix your leaky faucet in the future.

1. Make sure you turn off the water supply.

In their excitement to tackle a leaking faucet, many homeowners forget that the first step in any faucet repair is eliminating the supply of water being fed to the fixture. You should always begin a plumbing repair by turning off the water supply.

This can be done by locating the turn-off valves that are connected to the pipes beneath your sink. Turn each valve clockwise until completely closed. Run the faucet to ensure no more water comes out. Only when your faucet runs dry should you begin to address the source of the leak.

2. Cover the drain in your sink.

Another seemingly simple step that homeowners overlook when making faucet repairs is to cover the sink's drain while working. Most leaking faucets don't require you to disconnect the pipes that are located beneath your sink.

There is nothing more frustrating than adding to your workload by having to disconnect your sink's P-trap to recover a small faucet screw that has fallen down the drain. By keeping the drain covered while you work, you can prevent screws and other small parts or tools from falling into the sink's drain.

3. Have the right tools available.

Once you get started with your faucet repair, you want to be able to successfully reassemble your faucet so that it can be put back into use. Taking apart a faucet and putting it back together will require the use of a variety of tools.

Be sure that you have screwdrivers in several different sizes available for use. You should also keep a wrench handy to help you loosen any nuts and bolts holding your faucet in place.

Purchase a faucet repair and replacement kit from your local hardware store to access the spare parts needed to make your repair. The right tools will allow you to quickly and easily eliminate leaks from your faucets.