Reasons To Rethink Your Approach To Commercial Lighting Systems

1 January 2019
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Efficient lighting serves as a pillar of commercial safety, health, and production. Without proper lighting in place, employees tend to suffer from issues related to job dissatisfaction, the inability to concentrate, eye strain, and headaches. Improper lighting can also increase the risk of workplace accidents, which can cause employees to take time off work, thus lowering production rates. Fortunately, there are ways improve your approach to commercial lighting.

Brighten Up Spaces for Improved Learning and Productivity

It is important to focus on the layout of your lighting. Do not just focus on brightening up workstation areas. You should also ensure there is plenty of lighting in aisles, stockrooms, and other areas of your commercial building. A commercial electrician can help you plan your lighting layout to ensure your building is well lit.

Believe it or not, adequate lighting can improve an employee's ability to learn, which also increases their productivity. Science suggests that your eyes are responsible for 85% of your knowledge. Therefore, your brain gathers the majority of knowledge you have based on imagery. Proper lighting ensures that your employees can see well enough to process information, learn, and work.

Replace Lighting to Avoid Health Hazards

If you have older lighting systems in place that often flicker, it is time to replace them. You should also speak to a qualified commercial electrician about flickering lights as it may indicate a wiring problem. Flickering lights can increase potential health hazards, such as triggering a seizure.

Keep in mind that there are certain misconceptions about specific types of lighting. For instance, some people wrongly believe that the flickering of fluorescent lamps can trigger a seizure. However, the flicker rate, which is roughly more than 20,000 times every second, is far too quick to trigger an epileptic episode.

In other words, you can continue to use compact fluorescent lamps if you like. However, noticeable flickering can pose an issue. Make sure you address noticeable and frequent light flickering by replacing your lighting system. A newer lighting system and possibly replacing your commercial wiring can help you avoid possible health risks.

Your best bet is to contact a qualified commercial electrician near you for assistance. An expert can help you assess the quality of your commercial lighting and provide unique tips and advice. Also, a professional can provide you with the services necessary to upgrade or improve your commercial lighting systems, which will in turn improve the overall environment of your building. Contact a service, like C & R Electric, Inc, to get started.