3 Tips for Painting Your Kids' Bedrooms When Hiring Professionals

29 March 2019
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When your kids get older, you may expect them to develop their own wants and needs, especially with things like activities and toys. Additionally, they may come up with their preferences for how their bedroom looks, which may include the color and design of the paint on the walls.

If you are willing to paint their bedrooms, you should consider going through a few important details when hiring a residential painting company to make sure everyone ends up happy.

Color Selection

One of the most important choices that you will be making when hiring painters is the color for each bedroom. If you have a consistent color scheme going on throughout the entire house, this could easily be thrown off when you allow your kids to choose any color that they desire.

To avoid a situation in which the scheme is thrown off while also making sure that your kids end up happy with the color of their bedrooms, you should limit the color options. You can go through all the possible paint colors that you find in local home improvement stores and come home with a set of colors that you find appealing and that still provide your children with a lot of variety.

Paint Finish

While some people will suggest painting bedrooms in flat finish, you may want to avoid flat paint in your kids' bedrooms to avoid a situation in which cleaning up is a major challenge. In your own bedroom, you may know that you will not be touching the walls and getting them dirty. So, you may end up with some bedrooms with flat paint and others with a semi-gloss or eggshell finish.

When the colors that your kids choose are different than the color in your bedroom, you will not have to worry about looking at one color with multiple finishes in the house.


Although you may like how a solid paint design looks in your house, you may be willing to let your kids pick a design such as half and half or chevron stripes as an accent wall or for all the walls. All you need to do is go in with designs that you like and are comfortable with having in your home and then let your children choose from them in which painters can handle the execution.

Following these tips will make it easy to ensure everyone is happy with bedroom painting. Contact a team like AAA Action Painting to learn more about your painting options.