When You Should And Shouldn't Call An Emergency Plumber About Toilet Problems

25 June 2019
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Emergency plumbers help with all sorts of household plumbing problems, including problems with toilets. If you and your family are having a problem with one of the toilets in your house, you could be wondering if you should call an emergency plumber. An emergency plumber should make it a priority to come out and help you with your toilet problem right away, even if it's a holiday or weekend. These are some common toilet-related problems that you might find yourself dealing with in your household and a little advice about whether you should call an emergency plumber or if you can wait until regular business hours to call a plumbing professional.

The Toilet Won't Stop Running

If your toilet will not stop running, it's important to address the issue. If you don't, then you could end up wasting a lot of water, which can cause your water bill to go up significantly. Typically, this is not an emergency situation. There might be a slow leak in your toilet, or there might be a problem with the flapper or another part. You probably do not have to call an emergency plumber about this problem, but you may want to turn the water supply off to the toilet when it's not in use. This can help you prevent wasted water and can also help you avoid the annoying noise of your toilet running all night long, but be aware that you will have to turn the water supply back on and allow water to run into the toilet before you can flush it.

You Have a Toilet Clog

It is possible to deal with some toilet clogs on your own. You can try using a plunger to get rid of the problem yourself; if this works, then you may not need to call a plumber at all, although you may need to call a pro for help if your toilet clogs regularly. If you can't get rid of the problem, you may or may not need to call an emergency plumber. If you can stop using the toilet until you can have a plumber come out -- such as if you have another toilet in your house -- then you may be able to put off the problem, although there could be an offensive odor. If you'd like to have the problem taken care of right away so that you and your family can use the toilet again and so that you don't have to worry about any smells, you may want to call an emergency plumber to come and address the clog.

Your Toilet Is Overflowing

If your toilet is overflowing, it is definitely an emergency situation. The overflow could quickly lead to unsanitary conditions in your home, and it could cause serious water damage, too. Cutting off the water supply and calling an emergency plumber to come out right away is typically the best way to deal with this situation.

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