Three Places In Your Kitchen To Use A Live Edge Countertop

5 August 2019
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Wood countertops can be highly appealing in several places in your home, but the kitchen is arguably where they look best. There are many different styles of wood countertops to consider, including a long list of patterns, thicknesses, and colors. One option that may appeal to you is a live edge; the edge of the countertop isn't actually alive, but it's unfinished in a manner that gives it a rustic quality. This is a look that many homeowners find appealing. If you're among this group, here are three places in your kitchen where this look can work well.

Kitchen Countertop

The obvious choice for a live edge is to have it as part of the wood countertop in your kitchen. Having this rustic look on the front edge of the countertop can add visual appeal and instantly make your kitchen appear more stylish. A live edge is possible whether you have just a small countertop — which can be the case for those who live in condo buildings, for example — or whether you have considerably more countertop space even if you have an L- or U-shaped countertop.

Kitchen Island

If you have enough space in your kitchen to accommodate an island, you'll want to choose a countertop that blends functionality with visual appeal. You might think that the countertop on the island has to match the countertop in the rest of the kitchen, but this isn't the case. A wood countertop is eye-catching on an island, and a live edge around the perimeter of the countertop will only serve to draw more attention from your dinner guests. You can choose a color and style of wood that either matches the look of your standard countertop or is different but suits it in a complementary manner.

Kitchen Island Bar

Some kitchen islands are composed of two elements — the island itself, and a bar structure that is built over the island to accommodate those who wish to sit at it. The countertop that you use on the island and the bar don't have to be the same. For example, you might choose a natural stone countertop for the island, but then decide to complement this look with a wood countertop for the bar. This is another area in which a live edge can be appealing, and you can choose to have the live edge either face the people who are seated at the bar or face toward the rest of the kitchen.

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