Digging Out Your Basement In The Winter? A Few Things To Keep In Mind

19 September 2019
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If you have a one-level house but have always wanted to have some more space, then your home contractor may recommend that you dig out your basement and get started that way instead. by excavating underneath your house and pouring a foundation, you can have a bunch of added square footage for your family to use for years to come. But if you plan on doing this process in the dead of winter then it's good to know how to get the job done when temperatures start to get too cold. From using hydro excavation to keeping the ground dry, this article will take a closer look at a few ways to excavate a basement the dead of winter. Are you ready to learn a little bit more? If so, then read on.

Hydro Excavation

Traditionally, people think of excavation as a procedure that uses some large excavator machinery to remove soil and get the job done. Although this method is really effective when the temperature is warm outside, it's not something that will work during the winter. When the temperatures are really cold outside, the soil can become extremely hard which makes it is almost impossible to move. That's where hydro excavation comes into play. With hydro excavation, your contractor will use warm, pressurized water to remove excess soil in your basement. This warm water will break up the frozen soil and make it a lot easier to move. At the same time, the pressurized water will lift the soil sot that you can dig out your basement.


Once the soil has been removed and your basement is dug out, you can start to have cement poured for your basements foundation. The tricky thing about doing this in the winter is that you can't pour cement on top of wet soil. To help keep the basement soil free from moisture, try laying a tarp over all of the soil in your basement. This tarp will act as a protective shield from the snow and rain which will make it easier for you to have your foundation poured. Just make sure that you have your tarp nailed down so that it doesn't lift up in the wind and get some moisture underneath it.

Having a finished basement can add a lot more living space to your house. Rather than waiting for the summer, keep these things in mind to get the job done during the middle of the winter.

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