4 Problems That Can Impact Your AC System

14 February 2020
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Air conditioner malfunctions can leave your home unbearably hot and humid. Unfortunately, this can be a frequent problem for homeowners to encounter due to the intense usage that the air conditioning system will have to undergo during the hotter times of the year.

1. Ice Buildup

Ice accumulations can severely reduce the cooling capacity of the system while also potentially causing extensive damage. These accumulations often are the result of the coils becoming dirty. This can interfere with the ability of the system to effectively radiate heat that has been absorbed by the refrigerant. Ice will gradually start to form in response.

2. Clogged Filter

The air filter for the air conditioning system will be another critical component. Sadly, homeowners will often fail to regularly check on their air filters, which can lead to them becoming covered in dirt and dust. These materials are not the only potential causes of clogs for the air conditioning system as it can also be possible for mold and even algae to grow on the filters if conditions are moist enough. Reducing airflow is not the only problem that these substances can pose for the air filter as they can also release spores that will reduce the air quality in the home.

3. Faulty Blower

The blower on the air conditioning system is necessary for moving the cooled air into the home. If the blower fails, the unit will still be cooling some air, but it will be unable to move this air into the home. As a result, you will find that there is no air coming from the ducts or the air may be dramatically reduced. Attempting to run the unit when it is clearly suffering from blower problems is only going to worsen the damage as this can put additional strain on the damaged components. Until the air conditioner can be inspected and repaired, you should avoid using it and rely on a backup air conditioner until this work is done.

4. Leaks

Leaking refrigerant is a potentially serious problem with your air conditioner as it individuals that there is a rupture or other breach in the system. If this leak is resulting from a faulty seal, this repair may be affordable and fairly quick. However, a refrigerant leak due to a ruptured coil will be far more involved to repair as it may require all of the coils being replaced. An AC repair technician can pressurize the unit to make it much easier to see where the refrigerant is leaking from.