Keys To Removing A Load-Bearing Wall In A Home

21 December 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When you start a huge renovation in a home, you may get the urge to remove a wall. If it's load-bearing, then you have to do this a particular way. These tips in particular can help you get through this renovation process without major obstacles getting in the way.

Obtain the Proper Permits

From a legal standpoint, you can't remove any load-bearing wall without permits. Not getting a permit can be a recipe for disaster and could leave you paying hefty and stressful fines. Before any construction begins on this wall, get the right permits.

You can find out exactly what these are and how much they cost if you talk to your local building association. They can assist you further by providing you with the right applications to receive this permitting. Do this and then you can avoid a lot of legal red tape throughout this wall removal project.

Consult With a Structural Engineer

Even if you plan on carrying out this wall removal process yourself with a load-bearing structure, you still want to consult with a structural engineer. They are an apt professional to talk to regarding the logistics and safety concerns involved with this renovation.

They can look over your approach and plans, telling you exactly what needs to be adjusted. If you realize that this project is way more difficult than you originally planned, you can have them take over the project and get a smoother construction process.

Make Sure Replacement Beam Is High-Quality

When replacing a load-bearing wall, you will have to add a replacement beam to go in its place. You want to be very particular with the replacement beam you select, making sure it's high-quality. This is key from a longevity standpoint, but it also will ensure the area where the wall is being taken out is safe to be around. You want this added assurance over the years. 

Make sure the replacement beam is made by a reputable manufacturer that has extensive quality assurance standards in place. Then you won't leave this wall removal project up to chance. You can feel good the right measures were taken.

A lot of homeowners remove load-bearing walls to make their home interior more open. If you see a lot of benefits to doing this, then go through recommended protocols and strategies. That's the best way to set this renovation up for success and keep accidents from happening. For more information, contact a wall repositioning service.