4 Problems That Can Impact Your AC System

14 February 2020
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Air conditioner malfunctions can leave your home unbearably hot and humid. Unfortunately, this can be a frequent problem for homeowners to encounter due to the intense usage that the air conditioning system will have to undergo during the hotter times of the year. 1. Ice Buildup Ice accumulations can severely reduce the cooling capacity of the system while also potentially causing extensive damage. These accumulations often are the result of the coils becoming dirty. Read More 

Ways To Make Your Basement More Hospitable

7 January 2020
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If you have a house with a basement, you may actually never use that space other than for storage. Basements can seem inhospitable and unwelcoming, even to the people that live in the house. However, there are ways to make basements, both finished and unfinished, more hospitable and usable. Get to know some of these ways to make your basement into a usable space. Then, you can get started on these new projects right away. Read More 

Improving Work Zone Safety By Decreasing Traffic Dangers

26 November 2019
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Each year, roadway construction improves highways and other roads to improve the flow of traffic. Unfortunately, safety issues arise while work zones are in place. Existing construction zones narrow the roadways and create traffic congestion. As such, it puts both drivers and construction workers at risk. In fact, it is estimated that a construction zone fatality is likely for every 4 billion miles traveled by a vehicle. Even more alarming is the fact that fatalities in work zones increased by a rate of approximately 3% while decreasing by 1. Read More 

Digging Out Your Basement In The Winter? A Few Things To Keep In Mind

19 September 2019
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If you have a one-level house but have always wanted to have some more space, then your home contractor may recommend that you dig out your basement and get started that way instead. by excavating underneath your house and pouring a foundation, you can have a bunch of added square footage for your family to use for years to come. But if you plan on doing this process in the dead of winter then it's good to know how to get the job done when temperatures start to get too cold. Read More 

Three Places In Your Kitchen To Use A Live Edge Countertop

5 August 2019
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Wood countertops can be highly appealing in several places in your home, but the kitchen is arguably where they look best. There are many different styles of wood countertops to consider, including a long list of patterns, thicknesses, and colors. One option that may appeal to you is a live edge; the edge of the countertop isn't actually alive, but it's unfinished in a manner that gives it a rustic quality. Read More